MetaSensing X-band WR Family

QX-120          QXP-120          QXP-120P           QX-Pro Sw

Quad-Pol FMCW Doppler 

Weather Radar


Quad-Pol Pulse Doppler 

Weather Radar


Portable Pulse


Weather Radar


The MetaSensing’s QX family is an X-band fully polarimetric weather radar system developed for high resolution accurate monitoring of precipitation.

QX-family is based on Full Solid State Technology assuring high reliability and compact system while delivering high performance result.

The QX- weather radars are X-band radar systems featuring Quad-Pol acquisitions, to improve the suppression of unwanted echoes and to improve the hydrometeor classification.

The Quad-Pol feature improves the accuracy of the precipitation estimates.

QX-Pro is MetaSensing’s real-time processing and visualization software.